Warriors News · Hall of Fame Nominations

If you know of an individual or team that should be recognized in the Grass Lake Athletic Hall of Fame, please complete the attached form and send it in to the High School Athletic Department.


    1. Athletes 
      1. Candidates must have participated in the Grass Lake High School athletic program in their junior and senior years. 
      2. Candidates must have earned a minimum of two (2) varsity letters. 
      3. Candidates must be persons of integrity and fine character. 
      4. Candidates cannot be considered until ten (10) years after their high school graduation. 
      5. High school accomplishments considered include but are not limited to: all-conference, all-district, all-region, all-state, school/ state records, etc. 
      6. Post high school accomplishments are not required but may be considered at the discretion of the committee. 
    2. Teams
      1. Teams cannot be considered until ten (10) years after their season.
      2. Outstanding season record and/ or a historical significance. 
    3. Coaches 
      1. A retired Grass Lake High School coach. 
      2. Outstanding contributions during coaching career. 
    4. Distinguished Community Member 
      1. Someone who has made significant and ongoing contributions to Grass Lake Athletics.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form