Hannah Edie, Anna Konopka, and Isabel Spencer


Luke Beeman and Evan Stucky
Jennifer Sherwood


SATURDAY, MARCH 13th, 2021


The following Grass Lake Varsity Powerlifters competed this past weekend at Adrian High School in the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association’s State Meet: Junior Luke Beeman, Senior Evan Stucky, Senior Hannah Edie, Junior Isabel Spencer, Senior Anna Konopka, and Senior Jennifer Sherwood.



Luke Beeman and Evan Stucky competed in the morning session and did a great job! Both lifters were able to attain a personal best in at least one of their lifts. Luke lifted a total of 855 pounds with a 305 pound squat, 190 pound bench press and earning a personal best 360 pounds in the deadlift!  Evan earned a total of 1000 pounds, placing 10th in his weight class with a 350 pound squat, 385 pound deadlift and also performed a personal best in the bench press with a lift of 265 pounds!



The Grass Lake Women’s Varsity also did a great job competing at the MHSPLA State at Adrian High School this past Saturday. Isabel Spencer performed a personal best lifting 200 pounds in the deadlift and finishing 11th in her weight class. Isabel also squatted 160 pounds and had 80 pound bench press. Hannah Edie finished 8th overall in her weight class with a personal best 170 pounds in the squat. Hannah also benched 100 pounds and pulled 200 pounds in the deadlift.  Anna Konopka also gave a great effort at the State Meet with a bench press of 115 pounds and deadlift of 230 pounds. Jennifer Sherwood had a strong finish to her powerlifting career finishing 2nd overall in her weight class! She lifted a total of 670 pounds with a personal best 275 pound squat, 130 pound bench press and a deadlift of 265 pounds!


Congratulations to all of our Grass Lake Powerlifters! This is a very dedicated and hard working group of individuals that have a lot to be proud of! The seniors have done an excellent job leading the way for the underclassmen and are the first senior class to come through the Powerlifting program here at Grass Lake. 

Thanks again for all of your hard work and commitment and has been a pleasure to work with all of you this season!